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My Firefox Extensions


I have been a Firefox user for many years, ever since 1.0 in fact. I have had my fair share of different extensions over the years as time went on, that number increased and decreased as I installed extensions I had come across or ones that others had recommended and as I uninstalled ones that were no longer of any use to me. Well now I have a few extensions and these are some of the only reasons I wouldn’t switch to another browser. Here are my must have Firefox extensions.

Faviconize Tab – I have so many tabs open at one time. When I open my browser, the same 16 tabs open up for me. That would take up a lot of room on the tab bar. Fortunately Faviconize Tab shrinks the size of selected tabs to the size of their favicon. I go to the site so frequently I am able to recognize the website by that small icon they have. I don’t need a big title wasting space so that extra room is able to be used on other links I open.

Net Usage Item (with New Zealand ISP Definitions) – It’s been forever since I actually have Internet allowance but even with unlimited, I still find it interesting to see how much data I’ve used (and slow down if I need to.) This extension is probably one of the most useful ones I’ve ever used. It displays your current usage from your ISP and displays it in the Firefox window with a nice graphical bar showing your progress. This is a must have for all Firefox users, assuming your ISP is supported.

Nighty Tester Tools – I have always been an early adopter of the alpha and beta builds of future versions of Firefox. I enjoy using and playing around with new features before most “normal” users get their hands on them. Unfortunately one of the problems with doing so is you lose add-on support. For a lot of people, this is enough to hold out people from jumping on the latest beta. Well thankfully for me, this extension can overwrite compatibility constraints and force extensions to install on these pre-Firefox builds. The extension can do a lot more than that, but the force capability feature is the best and most useful one for me. It gives me the best of both worlds, pre-Firefox builds and my 2 great extensions.

Wow, wasn’t that a short list. I remember when I use to have over a dozen extensions and now I only have 3 (4 if you count the extra definitions pack.) These few extensions give me the functionality I want and need from my browser and that is one of the reasons that Firefox is so awesome. You can add on bit and pieces to enhance your browsing experience. If you haven’t got these extensions already, go get them if the sound like something you could do with. I live by these extensions and recommend them greatly!

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“My Firefox Extensions”

  1. On July 27th, 2009 at 12:29 am William Hook Says:

    The first one sounds very useful, I’ll give that one a try for sure.

    As for the bandwidth one, as much as I like to keep an eye on my usage, I think a program that runs on your PC isn’t exactly accurate. Sure, I do most of my traffic on my PC, but I do about 5-10GB a month in PlayStation Network downloads, and lord knows what the other computers around my house are doing too (including my dad’s ones).

    Of course, if it hooks into the ISP’s stats, then that statement is sortof void, however, if you have an ISP like mine, which is unlimited but doesn’t show your stats, then a bandwidth monitor built into the router itself is pretty useful. One of the many reasons why I like the Tomato firmware that I use. :)

  2. On July 27th, 2009 at 2:05 am Technopath Says:

    @William Hook, Net Usage Item gets its information directly from your ISP, so it shows exactly what the ISP has recorded, and thus what they are going to charge you for.

    Adblock Plus is an essential for me because with it i will never see another annoying advertisement/forum signature/picture/frame.

    Firebug is a nice, fun app which lets you edit the code of webpages on the fly. very handy for developing websites as you can play around with existing sites until you find what makes up different features and how they would look if they were different.

    and Download Statusbar makes downloading things much nicer.

  3. On August 21st, 2009 at 3:23 pm fish Liew Says:

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