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Playing Wii Backups


One of the great things the Homebrew Channel opened up for me was the ability to play Wii game backups. It can play full ISOs burnt to a DVD-R without the need for a Modchip or anything. It is completely a software solution. The process of getting this on is just as easy and simple as installing the Homebrew Channel. Here are the instructions for if you want your Wii to run backups of your games. This only works on Wii System Software 3.3 and below.

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel if you haven’t already.
  2. Download Wiigator’s Backup Launcher.
  3. Copy Backup_Launcher and cIOS Installer to the app directory on your SD card.
  4. Launch cIOS_Installer from the Homebrew Channel. This works better if you have Wifi, but if you don’t, read the readme included for the links to get the 20 or so files manually.
  5. Follow the instructions. The Wii will reboot once completed.
  6. You can delete cIOS_Installer from the SD card.
  7. Put your Backup Disc in the Wii Console.
  8. Launch Backup Launcher from the Homebrew Channel.
  9. Either go to Launch Game and press A to launch game from the Backup Launcher or Press B to reboot the Wii and launch the game as usual from the Disc Channel.

It is as simple as that. Now you can run most game backups in case of an accident with the original game disc. For backing up your games, you can find a tutorial with apps for backing up or you can find the disc image on the internet. And there you have it, without any modchipping, soldering or even opening up your console. A purely software solution.

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